Community Sprints

15 Nov 2022

We are running regular community sprints to get our community more involved in building with PyG. Whether you are just beginning to use graph learning or have been leveraging GNNs in research or production, the community sprints welcome members of all levels with different types of projects.

Type Hints Sprint

We had our first community sprint on 10/12 to fully-incorporate type hints and TorchScript support over the entire code base. The goal was to improve usability and cleanliness of our codebase. We had 20 contributors participating, contributing to 120 type hints within 2 weeks, adding around 2400 lines of code.

Explainability Sprint

The community sprint on explainability begins on 11/15. The goal will be to improve the explainability capabilities of PyG - our roadmap includes adding new evaluation metrics, creating support datasets, incorporating visualization techniques, extending support for new graph modalities, and extending different frameworks. The sprint includes larger, more complex projects for our more advanced contributors as well as simple implementations and improvements. See here on how to participate.